Jadirs Education - Bags

Jadir 17:03 minutes BDSM
Jadirs Education - Bags 1
Jadirs Education - Bags 2
Jadirs Education - Bags 3
Jadirs Education - Bags 4

In this Part I put Jadir in several bags. Sometimes the air get very small and she was happy to get outside.

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Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 1
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 2
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 3
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 4

After Nicky was clean and dry I took her and begin with an breathplay-traninig. She was very hot when she couldn´t breath. And so I had a lot of fun with this slave-girl. But look by yourself.