Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 1
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 2
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 3
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 4

In this part I had a lot of fun with nicky and some breathplay. Even as she gets hot because the air wasn´t enough for her.

Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 1
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 2
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 3
Nicky´s Education - Breathplay-Tranining 4

After Nicky was clean and dry I took her and begin with an breathplay-traninig. She was very hot when she couldn´t breath. And so I had a lot of fun with this slave-girl. But look by yourself.



Nicky´s Erziehung - Slave Cleaning 1
Nicky´s Erziehung - Slave Cleaning 2
Nicky´s Erziehung - Slave Cleaning 3
Nicky´s Erziehung - Slave Cleaning 4

In this part I teach Nicky that she has to go under the shower if she meets her master. And I teach her to shave herself between her legs. So that she has no hair there. And in the end i wash her with cold water to be sure that she will be clean.