Nicky´s Education - Wood-work

Nicky 12:55 minutes BDSM
Nicky´s Education - Wood-work 1
Nicky´s Education - Wood-work 2
Nicky´s Education - Wood-work 3
Nicky´s Education - Wood-work 4

In this part Nicky has to do some work for me. In the cellar I have a lot of wood for my ofen and she has to stapel it. Of course she wears chains and is nude!


Nicky´s Education - Housework

Nicky 12:55 minutes BDSM
Nicky´s Education - Housework 1
Nicky´s Education - Housework 2
Nicky´s Education - Housework 3
Nicky´s Education - Housework 4

In this part Nicky had to do some housework. So she had to staple the wood in the cellar and some other things. And because she is a slave-girl, she has to do this work nude.

Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 1
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 2
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 3
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 4

In this part I had a lot of fun with Nicky. We made bondage and sometimes it seems as if she would gymnastiks.

Jadirs Education - Preparing the garden work 1
Jadirs Education - Preparing the garden work 2
Jadirs Education - Preparing the garden work 3
Jadirs Education - Preparing the garden work 4

In this part Jadir has to do some housework and I help her with some spanking things so that she could do the work much faster. Than I send her to her room to get some clothes on because she has to do some work in my garden. But she needs a lot of time or will she be punished???


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Jadirs Education - Second day

Jadir 16:35 minutes BDSM
Jadirs Education - Second day 1
Jadirs Education - Second day 2
Jadirs Education - Second day 3
Jadirs Education - Second day 4

The second day with my slavegirl Jadir. Jadir stays to long in bed and so she gets the next point in her punishing book. The chain is long genough that she can go to the bathroom for taking a shower and brushing her teath. After this I put her in a hand-head-pillory like in the film "secretary". So she has to make a coffee for me and I shows her how mean things in the kittchen are.


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Danielles Education - Cane, Clambs & Wax 1
Danielles Education - Cane, Clambs & Wax 2
Danielles Education - Cane, Clambs & Wax 3
Danielles Education - Cane, Clambs & Wax 4

In this part I punished my slavegirl Danielle first with the cane because she was lazy. After this I leave her alone and as I came back Danielle was lying under the blanket again. So I let my sadist out and gave her clambs and wax.


Jadirs Education - Making fire

Jadir 14:34 minutes BDSM
Jadirs Education - Making fire 1
Jadirs Education - Making fire 2
Jadirs Education - Making fire 3
Jadirs Education - Making fire 4

After we had breakfast I told Jadir to catch some wood out of the celar and make fire. She was still wearing the chains and so it was a little bit difficult for to climb up and down the stairs.


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Jadirs Education - Breakfast

Jadir 15:40 minutes BDSM
Jadirs Education - Breakfast 1
Jadirs Education - Breakfast 2
Jadirs Education - Breakfast 3
Jadirs Education - Breakfast 4

After Jadir has finished the housework she had to serve me my breakfast. Jadir made a lot of mistakes and so I spanked her in the kitchen. I like to eat during the slave-girl is kneeling before me. So she got something to eat but she had to eat like a dog out of a dogg bowl. It was a funny breakfast. After the breakfast I brought her upstairs where she had to wait.


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Jadirs Education - Take a shower 1
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 2
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 3
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 4

After Jadir told me, that she forgot to take a shower this morning i punished her and than she had to take a shower under my eyes. She had to shave her again because it wasn´t so that I was sadisfied. After this Jadir dried her hair and crawled back to the room where she got her necklace. Look how she cleans herself and become the first status of a slave-girl.


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Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 1
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 2
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 3
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 4

Jadir comes to my house, she was to late, so I had  the first reason to punish her. We made a contract that she will be my slave. She was very nervous and so she forgot to get under the shower before she comes to me. That was the second point in her book of punishment. I show her the room where she has to stay if i have no time for her. And here she got the first punishment. After this she had to go under the shower where I had a look after her. Jadir was a little clumpsy but I thing I can make a good slave out of her.