Janies Education - Testing Products 1
Janies Education - Testing Products 2
Janies Education - Testing Products 3
Janies Education - Testing Products 4

In this Part Janie has to fire the chimney because it was a little to cold inside. And of course she has to wear handcuffs and chains. After this she has to test some of my products of fetishdiscount. It was funny.....for me.

Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 1
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 2
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 3
Jadirs Erziehung - First Meeting 4

Jadir comes to my house, she was to late, so I had  the first reason to punish her. We made a contract that she will be my slave. She was very nervous and so she forgot to get under the shower before she comes to me. That was the second point in her book of punishment. I show her the room where she has to stay if i have no time for her. And here she got the first punishment. After this she had to go under the shower where I had a look after her. Jadir was a little clumpsy but I thing I can make a good slave out of her.