Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 1
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 2
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 3
Nicky´s Education - Bondage Gymnastiks 4

In this part I had a lot of fun with Nicky. We made bondage and sometimes it seems as if she would gymnastiks.

Janies Education - Hanging Torture 1
Janies Education - Hanging Torture 2
Janies Education - Hanging Torture 3
Janies Education - Hanging Torture 4

In this part I tortured Janie with Haning on her feet, up side down. She was a little bit too cheeky and so she had to hang a little longer than usual. But I think she liked it.



Janies Education - Escape Training 1
Janies Education - Escape Training 2
Janies Education - Escape Training 3
Janies Education - Escape Training 4

In this part I did a little Bondage-Escape-Training with Janie. Means I tied her up as mean as I could and she had to free herself. And in the end I pull her feet in to the air.

Janies Education - Hanging around 1
Janies Education - Hanging around 2
Janies Education - Hanging around 3
Janies Education - Hanging around 4

In this Part I tied Janie up in a very hard and strong hogtie. She had to loosen herself! And than I hang her up. Look how she is enjoying hanging around.