Janies Education - Bondage

Janie 15:29 minutes BDSM
Janies Education - Bondage 1
Janies Education - Bondage 2
Janies Education - Bondage 3
Janies Education - Bondage 4

After I played a little with Janie and had a look at her what I could do with her, I started a little bondage action. So I tied her up very hard and painfull. See if she could get out.

Jadirs Education - Take a shower 1
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 2
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 3
Jadirs Education - Take a shower 4

After Jadir told me, that she forgot to take a shower this morning i punished her and than she had to take a shower under my eyes. She had to shave her again because it wasn´t so that I was sadisfied. After this Jadir dried her hair and crawled back to the room where she got her necklace. Look how she cleans herself and become the first status of a slave-girl.


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Janies Education - The Arriving 1
Janies Education - The Arriving 2
Janies Education - The Arriving 3
Janies Education - The Arriving 4

Janie was send to me in a box. First I was wondering if she speaks your language but there was no problem at all. I take her from the cellar to my flat. First I tickle her and I have fun with spanking her. After this I show her my house and what she has to do here. Even I show her the very small cage which I use to punish her. And after all she was allowed to go to bed in the big cage beneath my bed.