Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 1
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 2
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 3
Nicky´s Education - Breathcontrol 4

In this part I had a lot of fun with nicky and some breathplay. Even as she gets hot because the air wasn´t enough for her.

Jadirs Education - Painshoes

Jadir17:11 minutesBDSM
Jadirs Education - Painshoes 1
Jadirs Education - Painshoes 2
Jadirs Education - Painshoes 3
Jadirs Education - Painshoes 4

In this part I punished Jadir because she was lazy and didn´t do what I told her. So she had to wear painshoes und she had a lot of pain! Than I put clamps all over her body and she had to wear several handcuffs.


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Nicky´s Education - Latex Massage 1
Nicky´s Education - Latex Massage 2
Nicky´s Education - Latex Massage 3
Nicky´s Education - Latex Massage 4

In this part has Nicky to massage Anja. Both are wearing their latex-suits. It gets realy hot.

Janies Education - Testing Products 1
Janies Education - Testing Products 2
Janies Education - Testing Products 3
Janies Education - Testing Products 4

In this Part Janie has to fire the chimney because it was a little to cold inside. And of course she has to wear handcuffs and chains. After this she has to test some of my products of fetishdiscount. It was funny.....for me.

Janies Education - more housework 1
Janies Education - more housework 2
Janies Education - more housework 3
Janies Education - more housework 4

In this part Janie has to do the washing and a lot of work in the kittchen. Of course she is in chaines during the work!

Nickys Education - a second slave-girl 1
Nickys Education - a second slave-girl 2
Nickys Education - a second slave-girl 3
Nickys Education - a second slave-girl 4

In this part my bondage model Anja visits me and so I thought that Anja could had a little fun with Nicky. But have a look by yourself!

Janies Education - cleaning up

Janie15:27 minutesBDSM
Janies Education - cleaning up 1
Janies Education - cleaning up 2
Janies Education - cleaning up 3
Janies Education - cleaning up 4

In this part Janies has to do the housework. So she has to clean up the rooms, make her bed and many things more.


Jadirs Education - getting free 1
Jadirs Education - getting free 2
Jadirs Education - getting free 3
Jadirs Education - getting free 4

This is the last part of Jadirs suspension with Choosen Harry. Now he tied her up a little different and then she comes down to the bottom where she has to free herself.


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Nicky´s Education - Outdoor shower 1
Nicky´s Education - Outdoor shower 2
Nicky´s Education - Outdoor shower 3
Nicky´s Education - Outdoor shower 4

In this part Nicky finished her work with the wood and so she had to take a shower. But the weather was really nice and so I had the fun to give her a special shower in the garden.....

Janies Education - Housework

Janie15:27 minutesBDSM
Janies Education - Housework 1
Janies Education - Housework 2
Janies Education - Housework 3
Janies Education - Housework 4

In this part Janie has to do some housework and after this she gets her breakfast from my hand.